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Private Offices and Dedicated Desks

  • 24/7 365 Days Access

  • Highspeed Internet

  • Commercial quality print, scan, copy (fees apply)

  • Coffee and Tea

  • Kitchenette

  • Conference Room

  • Two Waiting Areas

  • Mail Service Option

  • Sign Listings Option

  • Luxe Restroom

  • LED Lighting

  • Central A/C & Heating

  • All Utilities included (reasonable commercial office use only)

The Primary Office 


2nd Floor (accessed by stairs)

Travel the grand staircase to the second level where private offices surround common areas and amenities, striking the ideal balance between community and privacy. Each distinctive light-filled office features natural hardwood floors, an oversized rug and large windows.


Hints of mid-century decor on this floor compliment colonial architecture.

  • Name on your office door, and 1st floor and exterior directories (optional)

  • LED Lighting

  • Four one-hour reservations in the conference room weekly (additional time available on a first come basis)

  • Suite number with dedicated locking mailbox

  • Up to two workers per office included



  • Additional storage: $15 mo. 

  • Furnished option



  • Primary Office: Leased

        (our largest office with hills views, built-          in shelves, closet and personal sink).​​​

  • Eastern space: Leased

  • Evening light (Southwest office with closet): Available

  • Sun Porch (south): Leased

  • City Hall (northeast): Leased



3rd Floor Ballroom (accessed by stairs)

The formal ballroom of the early 1900s is now home to our Dedicated Desk members. 


Industrial modern decor, rustic original hardwoods and angular lines; combined with four-sides natural light, an open floor plan and large desks shape the inviting atmosphere. A world unto itself, the space must be experienced in person.


  • A dedicated desk, ergonomic chair, waste bin, high tech desk lamp and locking file cabinet define your personal space

  • The chill-out dormer room and large window seat provide alternative work and lounge space

  • Two one-hour reservations in the conference room weekly (additional time available on a first come basis)

  • Option of your business name on the 1st floor & exterior directory (fees apply)



  • Additional storage: $15 mo. (limited availability)

  • Dedicated locking mailbox: $15 mo. (limited availability)


Options (currently available)

  • Dedicated desk: $230 mo.

  • Sit-Stand desk option: $245 mo.




All new finishes and LED lighting in the semi-daylight basement level contribute to a clean, bright and inviting experience. The space consists of two adjoining rooms connected by a lockable door. 


The set up is perfect for small-scale artists, workshops, and/or an office suite.


  • 24/7 365 days access

  • Exterior door entrance direct to space (non-exclusive, ramp-style entrance)

  • Suite number with dedicated locking mailbox

  • Highspeed Internet

  • Petite stylish restroom (shared)

  • Business name on the exterior directory (fabrication fees apply)

  • Option of your business name on the 1st floor directory 

  • LED Lighting

  • Central A/C & heating

  • All utilities (reasonable commercial office use only)


  • Studio with sink: Leased

  • Studio with closet: Available

  • Office suite: Leased



Six-month minimum agreement

Member application includes a criminal background check

General Liability Insurance requirement for on-going Members

See MARKETPLACE for additional space options

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